It’s Time to Shift From “Overwhelmed” to “On-Top-of-It”

Tell me — does this sound like a typical day for you, busy mama?


Racing to work


Speeding to school drop off


Racing back home


Eating standing up (thank god for the kids' leftovers, right?)


Remembering to throw a pile of laundry in the washer


Scurrying around to do a quick cleanup


School work, regular work, sports, home projects

As a mom of three kiddos myself… 

I know that this list Never. Ever. Ends.

And to be honest —

Where on earth does healthy eating, cooking well and exercise fit into this schedule?

If it feels like… 

  • It’s one more thing to do (or fail at)
  • Food choices are constantly overwhelming (keto, low carb, plant-based, Whole 30 — who knows?)
  • Meal planning makes you want to poke your eye out (been there, felt that!)

Know this: it doesn’t *have* to be this way.

Even if it seems impossible to consider right now — you can absolutely feed yourself and your family healthy meals in a pinch, and on the fly, with just a little bit of prep and organization. And fit 20-30 minutes of movement into your day several times a week, while you’re at it too! 

You’re here because you believe you can get back to your pre-kid badass self, and I can help.

My Back to Basics Method will help you to address mindset roadblocks around eating and movement, scheduling roadblocks (AKA how we’re really spending our time), organization in the kitchen, meal planning and prep, movement and more…

Because it’s my personal mission to help busy moms take back control over their eating and movement practices — and we do that by losing the “all or nothing” mindset and capitalize on the micro moments throughout our day! 

    I want you to feel empowered and successful when it comes to healthy living.