Back to Basics

An 8 week program designed to help busy moms get back to basics. Take control of your health, get organized around food and self-care, and integrate new habits for life!

Move Forward, One Healthy Habit At A Time

You are a master juggler.


Breakfast for the whole crew


Getting everyone dressed


Lunches packed


Organizing playdates and sports schedules


Doctors appointments scheduled


Dishwasher emptied


Laundry started


Date night babysitter booked


Making yourself a healthy meal


Fitting in a quick workout


Meditating for 10 mins daily

First, it’s ok. 

You’re doing A LOT, so it makes complete sense that finding time for you feels impossible.

The thing is — you WANT to make better food and exercise choices. You think about it every single night when your head hits the pillow.

You wonder if you’ll ever figure it out because…

◊ Grocery shopping for the family is *so* confusing (what is healthy and kid- approved??)

◊ Constant cooking and meal prepping seems daunting (and unrealistic)

◊ You can’t seem to squeeze a workout in even when you try, so why bother?

There have been moments where you’ve triumphed and gotten a fab, healthy dinner together. Or had an hour of alone time and did your favorite virtual yoga class.

But it just never sticks. It never becomes part of your routine. Which is why you can’t seem to hit those health and wellness goals you’ve set for quite some time.

So, what’s the solution? 

How will you make this happen? 

Or are you crazy for thinking you can?

The answer is YES. 

YES, you can make this happen. 

And NO, you are not crazy. Not even close.

The key is simple, yet strategic. It’s all about getting back to the basics.

While certain diets serve various purposes, most of the time it’s the healthy habits that we do day in and day out that really move the needle. 

Consistency is key with both your diet and exercise routines.  

You can’t uplevel your diet, until you have mastered the basics — just like you wouldn’t add weight to your squats, until you have the proper form!

Ready to make a change?

Do you thrive in a team environment? Do you need weekly check ins and check lists? Do you fizzle out on food prep and organization after a week? Do you find yourself stuck on what to eat, how much, and when?  Do you have trouble fitting in movement on the regular? Then my Back to Basics group program may be perfect for you!

Introducing the 8 Week Back to Basics Program




What you can expect from the BTB program:


  • Unlimited access to Julie via text and email
  • 2 Zoom calls, a kick off call and a wrap up call
  • Weekly Sunday email 
  • 48 Page PDF including…
  • Julie’s 5 Key Foundations
  • a 14 day sample meal plan with macros
  • Meal Prep and Planning guide
  • A list of Julie’s Favorite grocery items and brands
  • 10 original easy to make recipes
  • A Bonus recipe PDF including another 11 original recipes (sent out at week 3 to help keep you motivated!)
  • Support within our private Facebook group to share ideas, recipes and more.



At the end of our 8 weeks together, you can expect to…

Feel empowered around your food choices. You’ll have a clear understanding of the basics of nutrition and know which foods fuel your body, how to portion your food out, and what staples should be included in your everyday meals.

Reconnect with movement. Learn the benefits of consistent strength training, and how we can fit movement “snacks” into everyday.

Reduce meal prep overwhelm. You’ll know exactly how to organize your pantry, borrow my go-to strategies for meal prep and planning, whip up quick and healthy meals that you can assemble on the fly, pull grocery store lists in a jiffy and walk away with easy, everyday recipes that you’ll look forward to cooking.

Remember your “why”. You will have checked your inner critic and shifted your mindset around what wellness means to you.

Back to Basics is for you if…

You’re a busy mom who wants to:


Get back on track with your diet and exercise


Learn simple strategies and routines that you can easily integrate into your busy life


Stop feeling so overwhelmed by the wellness world, and start feeling like the best version of yourself


Learn how to fit exercise and movement into your schedule several times a week


Be a part of a team, you need accountability and support


Feel organized and confident in your food and meal choices

This program is *not* for you if…


You’re not ready to make the time to change your eating and movement habits


You’re an expert in the kitchen and have no problem whipping up healthy meals for you and your family


You’re already meal prepping on the regular, and have grocery store shopping down to a science


You crush workouts daily and feel awesome in your body