My Story

Would you believe me if I told you that I grew up on an exclusive diet of TV dinners, Cheese Puffs and Pop Tarts?

Yup, my father was a food broker — which meant that our home was *always* filled to the brim with candy and processed cracker snacks.

Unsurprisingly, my health has been taking a hit since I was a kid.

Ear infections. Sinus infections. Allergy attacks. Antibiotics. You name it, it’s been on our medicine cabinet.

At the age of 12, I had a triple attack: double ear infections, strep and mono. 

To say I was sick? That would be a major understatement.

Just like that… The viruses turned the celiac gene in my body *on*. Year after year, new symptoms would pop up to say they’d joined the club:

Stomach aches

◊ Constipation

◊ Chronic fatigue

◊ Headache

◊ Rashes

◊ Brain fog

◊ Bloating

◊ Depression

Throughout it all, movement has been the only constant in my life that has helped me feel grounded and inspired.

(Thanks for putting me in sports teams, mom and dad!)

And after a resurgence one time too many, I started to reconsider every aspect of my life and where I was. 

I was in a sales job I hated, unfulfilled and tired after years of battling symptoms and doctors who never helped my body fully heal (I had to take care of that myself through independent research.) Since movement was the only element in my life that lit me up, I got my personal training certification and started sharing that with others.

Then I got pregnant at the age of 27, and it wasn’t just about me anymore.

The experience of being a mama accelerated my health journey because finally, I understood the meaning of being truly nourished.

  • I chose foods that fed me energy.
  • I focused on hydration and fiber.
  • I replaced packaged gluten-free snacks with fresh fruit.
  • I integrated movement that brought my mind and body back into balance.

I took all my years of trying to be the healthiest version of myself and channeled it into this life-changing experience —

And I realized that putting yourself first as a mama can actually be simple, easier than you think and AMAZING.

The tips and tricks I learned and implemented with my first daughter helped me thrive in my next two pregnancies…

… Oh, and they continue to help me *and* my clients till this day!

I decided to make it official and add my nutrition certification to the mix through Precision Nutrition. And have been combining fitness and food to motivate mamas and show them how to maximize micro moments throughout their day to make cooking, exercise and self-care their core priority.

Now, I’m here to show YOU how to do the same.

If you’re seeking accountability, customized support and proven strategies to help mothers like yourself *truly* live their best and healthiest lives…

Professional Bio

Julie Radebaugh is a Health and Fitness Coach who specializes in helping busy moms strategize their way to a healthier lifestyle with quick, simple techniques for meal prep, exercise, and self-care. 

She is the founder of RBarn, a personal training and group fitness studio located outside of Boston, MA. that has been supporting women since 2015.

Julie is an American Council of Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer, and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Health Coach.

She holds a BS from the University of Rhode Island (2004). Most importantly, she is a mom to three daughters, ages 7, 10, and 11.